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W e continue helping to choose the plants, flowers and herbs for your garden. In feng shui plants represent energy (YANG) and need a fair amount of sunlight to bloom , other plants can grow  in shade those are YIN plants.

The most popular plants in feng shui are those with round-shaped , thick  and succulent looking leaves. This plants represent longevity.

Now we are going to give you different plants that have good feng shui.

                               jade plant

                       JADE PLANT-   

This plant is known as the money tree. Jade can grow indoors and outdoors .It´s a plant that grows quickly, and you must be careful not to over water. Flowers appear early in spring.

peace lilies


                    PEACE LILIES    –

Are and effective way of  cleansing air. The plant does not like direct sunlight and needs a fair amount of water. It helps to reduce the positive ion.


                            goose foot                

                      GOOSE  FOOT –

This plant helps clean air too. It has a leaf which changes from arrow to five lobed form as it matures.




planta dinero                      MONEY PLANT –

This plant symbolises great abundance. Is a popular indoor feng shui plant with round heard shaped leaves. It´s capable to grow in dark places and is said that purify air. Outside needs shades places .



                BANANA PLANT –

This plant has green leaves with purple. It fruits are the banana. It must be in a shinny place.



silver crown

           SILVER CROWN –

             This plant can be grown in indoors and outdoors. At night it is useful as it gives off a white light so can be used to edge paths. Is a good luck and fortune plant.




                                                        golden photos  

                               GOLDEN PATHOS

All plants mention here cleans air, increase oxygen , improve humidity.

REMEMBER – If you place a plant infront  angles helps to soften it.





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